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Health week in review

Our body signals to us when something is wrong. In order to give our employees the opportunity to deal more thoroughly with the subject of health, we once again organized a health week in our company in November. Thanks to our partner this year, AOK, and our company doctor, it was possible to take part in examinations and information events. The focus was on the topic of fat in our diet.

Where do our fats come from?

Nutrition constitutes an important health factor. Our colleagues from the AOK showed us how to ensure good nutrition and avoid pitfalls through an exhibition on fats in the foods we eat. Fat is indispensable for our health. It supplies us with energy and building blocks for our cells. It also contains essential fatty acids, transports fat-soluble vitamins and contributes to the formation of hormones. But we are often prone to consume too much of it.

With approximately 9 calories per gram, fat supplies more energy than any other foodstuff. Any surplus we have, which quickly adds up in light of our daily food sources is stored by the body as an emergency provision. Being overweight increases the risk of type-2 diabetes, metabolic disorders, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.



The quality of the fat is important

We do not require more than 60-80 grams of fat per day. What counts is which fatty acids the fat consists of. We often consume too many saturated fats, which are found in animal-based foods. Unsaturated fatty acids are considerably healthier. They are found in plant-based foods such as rapeseed, walnut and olive oil.

Our tip is to opt for vegetarian fare quite often and get enough exercise. Enjoy your meal!  



Getting the right nutrition helps  

We can divide up the food we eat into five groups to choose from when making meals. To ensure a healthy, balanced diet we should include foods from all five of them. Then we can rest assured that all the essential sources of nutrients are included. But it is also a question of amounts. Fats and oils, for example, are not needed in large quantities, whereas vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates should be eaten in more abundant amounts.