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Product codes

Global standard with GS1

With the GTIN from GS1 we mark all products internationally clearly and uniformly. In addition to the product identification, the barcode contains either a batch number or serial number and a date of manufacture or expiry.

It appears on the product as well as on the individual and outer packaging. The barcode is machine-readable so that all information can be retrieved quickly and easily throughout the entire process chain. Incorrect entries are avoided.

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The use of the global GS1 standard offers a wide range of benefits for all:

Transparent procedures guarantee clear identification of products and processes along the supply chain.

Dealers can accept, store and Forward products via their barcode. The ordering process is simplified in this way.

Purchasers in hospitals have a complete inventory overview and can control and secure procurement processes via barcodes.

Via barcodes the user can assign instruments unequivocally on a case-specific basis. Such identification helps ensure patient safety.

Instruments and devices with defects can be more easily detected and replaced. Incidents can be traced more easily, which helps optimize inventory quality.

Barcodes improve logistics processes, e.g. in regard to warehouse transparency, durability and inventory reliability.

Via the barcode, employees can clearly identify the products and their reprocessing criteria. The barcode also includes the date of manufacture.

This makes the barcode the basis for reprocessing and tasks performed by other departments.