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The traditional Tübingen Erbe Run is no longer geographically demarcated. Since the introduction of an additional, virtual version this past year, the sports event has achieved global reach – and this is due in no small part to the intensive media support it has gotten from social networks.

The video clip on LinkedIn is short; it only runs about twenty seconds. You see Fritz Maier and his colleagues. The director of our team in Singapore and his co-workers jump up – in sync with the beat of music playing in the back-ground – and suddenly we see them standing there in their sports attire. The next moment they are already outdoors and have started running. In times of Tiktok and Instagram, such mini-clips have become an extremely popular format for conveying messages. Influencers swear by the so-called reels, and many enterprises have come to do the same. The spontaneous sports spot featuring our colleagues from Singapore revolved around the Erbe Run, of course, in particular the virtual charity run designed by our team to get people running – all around the globe. 

Like with every Erbe Run in the past, our enterprise has chosen a social partner for this year’s event that will benefit from the large turnout. The German Institute for Medical Mission Difäm is building a hospice in Tübingen and has solicited donations for the project for quite some time now. Erbe Management announced that it would contribute 50 Cents for every kilometer run for the cause. 

Corporate Communication launched a marketing campaign geared to social networks. Most of all, the production of numerous humorous reels that quickly spread on the web were responsible for turning the charity run into a real event. Almost 170 employees from our international sites entered the races, solo or in groups, helping us clock up lots of kilometers and generate a large donation sum accordingly.