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TriSect rapide® now on the market

Dissect, cut, coagulate and seal tissue and vessels in one step and with the same tool? Bull's eye. TriSect rapide® is the first instrument of a new product platform from our company. TriSect rapide® is not just a vascular sealer, but rather a dissector that separates tissues with little or more hemostasis - with high-frequency current, without a mechanical cutting edge. The magic of the instrument is its flexible use and the resulting speed at which surgeons can work. After all, hardly any resource is as precious as time.

Our new instrument works thanks to bipolar current and combines cutting and hemostasis. This allows surgeons to separate thin tissue, such as fascia, quickly and without thermal damage, and to protect nearby sensitive structures.

TriSect rapide® is the first instrument of a new product platform. It is not a classic vessel sealer, but a dissector that works in a scissor-like manner, moreover, it also allows sealing of isolated vessels up to and including five millimeters in one-step operation. Cutting and sealing operations are performed simultaneously, completely based on high-frequency surgery. There is no mechanical cutting.

TriSect rapide® is intended for bipolar coagulation, division and sealing of vessels and tissue bundles, and for grasping, dissecting and cutting tissue. TriSect rapide® has applications in open, minimally invasive and endoscopically assisted procedures, including general visceral surgery, gynecology, urology, pediatrics and thoracic surgery. It can be used for general and thoracic procedures, in bowel resections, adhesiolyses, oophorectomies, Nissen fundoplication, gallbladder procedures and also in hysterectomy, for sealing vessels such as arteries, veins, pulmonary vessels and lymphatic vessels with diameters up to and including five millimeters and tissue bundles.

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