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Economical laparoscopic applications with reusable instruments

BiClamp LAP and LAP BiSect Micro: Reduce your costs per intervention and preparation with each number of uses

Benefit from clinical advantages compared to conventional ligature

☑   With the use of BiClamp, the formation of lymphocele is significantly reduced versus conventional ligation with suturing

☑   The thermofusion technique considerably reduces the intervention time

☑   Blood loss is usually lower

☑   Thermofusion is a safe, useful procedure for breast surgery with removal of the axillary lymph nodes

“Why do I need BiClamp LAP instruments? BiClamp instruments offer extremely stable sealing. They last a very long time and are excellent value for money. Erbe has proven to be a reliable partner for decades.”

Pd Dr. med. Dimitri Sarlos
Senior Consultant, Gynecology and Gynecological Oncology
Medical Director, Mittelland Breast Center
Medical Director, KSA Gynecological Tumor Center
Kantonsspital Aarau AG, Switzerland

Application videos

Many of our users take advantage of the possibility of sealing vessels and tissue structures effectively and gently. Our sealing is not only efficient and durable, but also economic, saving surgical time as well as money.

Total laparoscopic hysterectomy TLH with BiClamp LAP forceps

LASH with bilateral salpingectomy using the LAP BiSect Micro

TLH with LAP BiSect Micro scissors and BiClamp LAP forceps

Laparoscopic adhesiolysis with LAP BiSect Micro

Surgical treatment of deep infiltrating rectocervical endometriosis using Lap BiSect Micro and BiClamp® LAP powered by VIO® 3

Lymphadenectomy pelvic with bipolar LAP scissors


Reliability of vessel sealing

The reliability of sealing results from these factors:

☑  biCLAMP® and thermoSEAL mode
☑  Defined contact pressure of the jaws
☑  Energy input with dynamic adaptation
☑  Continuous monitoring of the tissue state

Gynecology workstation

☑  Preserve the neighboring structures thanks to a minimal coagulation seam

☑  The AUTO STOP function interrupts the current flow as soon as the tissue is optimally sealed

☑  Plug & Operate: plug in the instrument and the unit automatically sets the appropriate Parameters

VIO® 3 Electrosurgery

APC 3 Plasmasurgery

IES 3 Smoke evacuation

Your laparoscopic instruments

LAP BiClamp or LAP Bisect Micro is not only efficient and durable, but also economic, saving surgical time as well as money.

Your advantages using Biclamp LAP

☑  You can effective/reliable seal vessels and vascularized tissue up to a diameter of 7mm*
☑  The sealing zone has been irreversibly fused
☑  You don’t need an additional ligation or coagulation
*depending on the Version

Your advantages using lap bisect micro

☑  The curved jaw shape enable you a considerable freedom of movement
☑  The jaws enables you a precise and anatomical surgery ...
☑  … as well as variable, individual surgery depending on the target tissue