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Tissue selective hydrodissection

Versatile possibilities for parenchymal dissection


Selectivity spares tissue and exposes blood vessels and bile ducts selectively and athermal

Laparoscopic liver resection with ERBEJET 2 and BiClamp LAP

“The combination of irrigation and aspiration in one instrument can accelerate
the process of liver parenchyma dissection and provide a stable good
visualization of the surgical field.”

Prof. Dr. Mikhail Efanov
MD, PhD, Head of HBP surgery Department of
Moscow Clinical Scientific Center, Russian Federation

Your advantages of hydrodissection at a glance

☑   Reduces blood loss
☑   Can be learned easily and quickly

☑   Low rate of bile leakage is observed
☑   Versatile possibilities for parenchymal dissection


The use of waterjet application in laparoscopic liver surgery

Comparison of high-pressure waterjet and ultrasonic aspirator

Results of a single-center study*

☑  No differences in patient-related and surgical characteristics
☑  Intraoperative blood loss did not differ significantly
☑  Significantly higher total bilirubin level on the second post-operative day in the ultrasonic aspirator group
☑  No significant difference in
     transaction duration | pringle maneuver | complication rate | hospital stay

*Prof. Dr. Mikhail Efanov, 14th world congress of the International Hepato&Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA) 2020, (poster presentation PG04-04): Single-center prospective randomized comparison of high-pressure waterjet and ultrasonic aspirator

Application videos

Liver resection on a newborn child with ERBEJET 2

Laparoscopic left hepatectomy for HCC with liver cirrhosis using hydrodissection and LAP BiSect Micro

Laparoscopic liver resection with ERBEJET 2 and BiClamp LAP

Partial liver resection with APCapplicator and applicator monopolar

Hemostasis after partial liver resection with APCapplicator

Living donor right hepatectomy with ERBEJET 2

Workstation for liver surgery

VIO® 3 Electrosurgery

APC 3 Plasmasurgery

ERBEJET 2 Hydrosurgery

ESM 2 Suction module

Applicator with monopolar HF function

Dissection, coagulation and aspiration combined in one instrument. This shortens your operating time.