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Intelligent submucosal dissection in ESD and POEM

preciseSECT and HybridKnife®

The dynamic adjustment of the current curve makes the preciseSECT mode ideal for precise submucosal dissection and pronounced hemostasis with little thermal damage.

For submucosal dissection

“Regular injection of the target tissue has a supportive effect and is therefore recommended. And even important is the high impedance given by a small contact surface. This enhances the dissecting effect.”

Dr. Torsten Beyna
Head of Department of GI and interventional endoscopy, EVK Duesseldorf, Germany

For the coagulation of blood vessels during submucosal dissection

“Conversely, an effective coagulation effect can be achieved through lower impedance with the preciseSECT mode. This sealing of the vessel is achieved by applying the instrument tip to blood vessels in a more planar manner (large contact surface). This application to the vessel should be performed without any mechanical pressure with a continuous activation of 1–2 seconds (no “tapping”). The coagulated vessel can then be dissected using the preciseSECT mode.”


 Dissection and Coagulation

POEM with Hybridknife® using preciseSECT

For hemostasis

“Pronounced hemostasis with low thermal lateral damage:preciseSECT responds very quickly and precisely to different tissue impedances by dynamically adjusting the current curve.”

Shaimaa Elkholy, MD
Lecturer for internal medicine & hepato-gastroenterology
Cairo University Hospital, Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt

“preciseSECT is a huge improvement for me, as it allows me to perform ESD of larger lesions without any significant bleeding. This enables large lesions to be resected in a completely blood-dry environment. Having to use a Coagrasper is the absolute exception, as preciseSECT has such a fantastic hemostatic component. For me, this is a major advance in ESD, but also in POEM.”

Prof. Karel Caca
Medical Director,
Klinikum Ludwigsburg, Germany

Application videos

POEM using VIO® 3 preciseSECT mode with HybridKnife® - submucosal Tunneling

POEM with HybridKnife® and VIO® 3 using the preciseSECT mode for submucosal Tunneling