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We research into new applications and develop the matching technologies. We have repeatedly implemented our innovations successfully with external technology specialists. The spectrum ranges from creative approaches in mechanical production processes to complex process technologies with plasma coating. For our products and innovations we rely on companies who are specialized in manufacturing technologies or products which we do not have in-house. We are therefore always looking for new partners who are exceptional performers in their specific fields. We also enjoy looking at solutions for which one might not expect an application in our markets at first glance.

Our cooperation with vendors is long-term. Due to the high quality requirements, the projects have a start-up period spanning several years. Our products are present on the market for long periods and often with product life cycles of 10 years and more. Our success cannot be measured in quarterly reports and the qualification of new products is a time-consuming process. This also influences our choice of vendors. Next to innovative spirit, experience in medical engineering, capital goods or the aerospace industry could prove good prerequisites for cooperation.


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