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Mission statement

As a family-owned and operated business, we have been developing, manufacturing and marketing medical devices for professional use across a wide field of clinical applications for five Generations.




We are valued throughout the world as an integral and reliable partner to physicians and specialty medical personnel, and we are distinguished by our expert advice as well as our progressive approach in the market. The driving force in everything we do is the continuous development of medical instruments and equipment that form an integral part of medical procedures in many countries. We will continue to play our part in the years ahead in ensuring that patients receive the best possible technological solutions for medical treatment. As a leading manufacturer, we consider it our duty to maintain ongoing improvements to medical procedures through product innovations, comprehensive services and training programs.



We see ourselves as a partner that takes our responsibility seriously, allowing physicians to perform work of vital importance: helping patients. Our state-of-the-art technology offers unbeatable support. Our goal is to establish a partnership with the users of our technology based on responsibility and trust right from the start. Accountability towards people and patients also provides the foundation for our social commitment.


We provide our users with medical devices that they can truly rely on. That's because our products are subject to rigorous continuous testing and meet highest quality standards. The superiority in performance and exceptional value offered by us optimizes safety during all types of medical procedures.


Our commitment to our employees provides the internal cornerstone allowing us to serve our customers and external partners in the best possible way. We maintain close communication with users at medical schools, hospitals and medical facilities, which in turn provides the basis for future solutions and innovations. We are dedicated to serve our users and patients, and ultimately humanity, in an environmentally conscious way.



Together with our users, we don't just keep up with rapid development in modern medicine. We are an active driving force for advancing technology and are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and improvements. For us, this means thinking progressively while at the same time ensuring reliability of our products. These are the key values in establishing a partnership with our customers based on mutual trust. After all, it is the patient who should ultimately benefit from our efforts.


We are always there when you need us. That's because we provide comprehensive training programs for our employees and sales partners, and offer complete onsite support from installation, to in-servicing and maintenance of our systems. As a result, the function, operability and reliability of our products are ensured at all times.


An open atmosphere that fosters growth of new ideas has been crucial to the dynamic development of our company. We see the world through our users’ eyes, which allows us to tailor our products and services precisely to their needs. It is this approach as well as open communication that allows us to accomplish the type of collaboration that makes outstanding achievements possible.