Education – for the best patient outcome


The Erbe academy is Erbe's international education center. Our aim is to help you getting the best possible result from our equipment and to ensure patient safety. Choose how you want to learn - from a range of e-learning courses, workshops, videos, on-site training and much more.

What awaits you

Who we are, how we work and what we train

Get first hand knowledge from our Global Training Team. 

Understand the technologies to power your performance and to ensure patient safety.

Get first hand experience from our Global Clinical application management. 

Profit from expert knowledge on the clinical application of our products.

Our training types

Find out more about individual training, the different types of training, and our training programs.

Classroom Training

Come to one of our training centers or invite us to your facility for a training. During the classroom training including lectures and hands-on sessions you have the opportunity to try out the equipment and to discuss your questions with our experts.

Hands-on workshop

Our workshops focus on the latest Erbe technology in a practice-oriented, small-group format featuring lectures and hands-on training conducted by internationally renowned experts. Enhance your practical skills and expand your network.

Erbe Webinar

Attend our live online lectures on topics like electrosurgery, smoke evacuation or reprocessing conveniently from home or from your office. During and after the lecture you can discuss your questions with the experts.                        

Webinar on Demand

Are you interested to learn from our clinical experts and missed our live online workshops? Check out our recorded online lectures, expert talks and interviews conveniently at any time.

Video Course

Our video courses are available at any time and provide you with comprehensive knowledge on a variety of topics in a compact form, either as a single episode or as a series.

Interactive E-Learning

If you prefer to study in your own reading speed, at any time and any place you will love our comprehensive and illustrated e-learning courses.  Test your knowledge and take the online test to achieve a certificate.


Our Medical Insights Podcast is an evidence-based media created for physicians. We conduct professional interviews with experts about new applications and present the contents of new studies from internationally respected scientific Journals.

Where you find us

Location of our worldwide training centers and subsidiaries.

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